Light A Home.
Light A Life.
Light A Future.

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Our mission is to give lives a future in Guatemala.


Guatemala needs your help the most

The light that we enjoy everyday in our homes actually a luxury in somebody’s home in Guatemala.


We are happy to have provided solar lights to homes in Guatemala

When there is no electricity, it feels like you are not living.

Current Projects


Guatemala children and families have no lights in their home

Approximately 2.6 million people in Central America don’t have access to light or any form of electricity. This makes basic chores at night like cooking dinner, studying, and even washing dishes difficult if not impossible and dangerous. For those who do have light from candles and kerosene lamps, they expose themselves to dangerous fumes, risk of fire and burns and the cost are just outrageous. This is why Give Solar Light is enabling children and families in Guatemala to live a cleaner, safer, and brighter nights by giving solar powered lights. You can help too! Your donation can make a BIG difference to the daily night life of Guatemalans living in darkness. Not only do they get a light, they get a future too.
Donate Who We Are

Let us give Guatemalans a better light and future. Let us give solar lights!

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